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Portland cement

This all-purpose cement is manufactured to be used in a variety of applications. The uses for this product are wide ranging, including residential and commercial buildings, paving and road construction, soil stabilization, sidewalks and driveways. Meets requirements of ASTM C150 specification for both Type I and II hydraulic cements, it also qualifies as low alkali or EU standard. For current SDS information, email:

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Types of cement we supply:

+ Cement PCB30 conforming to TCVN
+ Cement PCB40 conforming to TCVN
+ Cement PC conforming to TCVN
+ Cement CEM 197-1:2011/CEM I 32.5N/R
+ Cement CEM 197-1:2011/CEM I 42.5N/R
+ Cement CEM 197-1:2011/CEM I 52.5N/R
+ Cement ASTM C150 Type I, type II, type IP

+ In Bulk
+ In jumbo bag (1MT/ 1.5MT/ 2MT)
+ In 40kg/ 50kg PP bag into sling bag (1MT/ 1.5MT/ 2MT)


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